DIY Porch Awnings

A porch awning is one of the best accessories to have throughout the year. During the summer months it helps to keep you cooled off by shielding you from the hot sun. It can also protect you from the rain and snow, allowing you more time to enjoy the fresh air. You can purchase one from your local home department store or you can build one yourself.

The first thing you need to do is to measure the area where you will be installing it. Make sure that the awning you make fits it perfectly and does not hang too loosely. Otherwise large amounts of snow and rain will cause it to fall. It is easier to draw out your idea on papers using the measurements around your home. Anything too small or large will not work well with your home.

The posts that you use to hold it up are important and will keep it securely in place all year long. Using small posts helps to free up room around the porch – but it might not be enough to bear the weight it will be holding up. Look for posts made with high quality materials that are not any smaller than 8 x 8” squares. The housing should be made with metal or angle iron should be connected at the bottom to the concrete.

Draw out each section of the framework and include markings on where the bolts will go. This will help to keep everything organized for when you are ready to build it. Make sure that you plan out the length and width of each board. Every piece needs to be mitered on all corners and cut angles.

For the awning cover you want to stick with outdoor fabrics or metal and wood. This material is durable and will not fade in the sun or become ruined by large amounts of rain fall. If you wish to use metal you will need to lay it out like shingles on a roof. Bamboo is also a very strong material to use and goes great next to pools.