Types Of Awnings

There are many different types of awning that you can use on your home – which will help to shade you from the blistering heat of the summer time or the pouring rain. These outdoor awnings allow you to enjoy the fresh air and give you the opportunity to eat a delicious barbecue meal without being forced inside of the house due to the weather conditions.

Retractable Awningtypes-of-awnings

Retractable awnings are perfect for those last minute weather changes that we never saw coming. These are built in such a way to allow them to be folded up when not in use. When you need them all you have to do is lower them and it will unfold neatly and easily to shield you from the rain or sun.

These types of awnings can be retracted manually or electronically depending on the type that you wish to buy. They are built to fit every type of home and do not take away the look of the outside of this home. Instead they help to add character and can even stay out of the way when not in use. These are much easier and more effective to use while eating outdoors than a patio umbrella.

Window Awnings

Window awnings are the smallest type and are usually built to be retractable. What makes these so great is that they are able to keep the sun out of the room and to reduce the amount of heat that is let inside of your home through this window. Most window awnings have the ability to reduce your home’s temperature by up to 20 degrees. This can save you hundreds of dollars in electricity bills.

Freestanding Awnings

Freestanding awnings are some of the largest on the market and are able to cover a wider range. These are built to tilt from the front or back in order to keep you covered no matter where the sun is shining. You can take these awnings down using the drawstring when you do not need it anymore. The freestanding awning frames are produced with powder coated aluminum that is made to never rust. The other components are made with stainless steel.